Makeup Application Tips

Nothing is worse than a cakey, patchy and messy makeup look, especially when you spend so much time trying to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect! One thing that I have learnt is that more often than not, the mistakes aren’t massive and glaring, and instead it is often tiny blunders that have the largest effect on the final product!

1. Are your brushes clean?

I never used to think very much about cleaning my brushes, and if I am honest, I used to only clean them once a month! However, what I didn’t realise is how much product, dead skin, and general dust and debris gets held within the brush! My makeup always applies much better when I use clean equipment, and this is only something that I have learnt since starting my makeup artistry course.

2. Are you exfoliating?

I have briefly talked about exfoliation on my blog before, but I cannot stress how beneficial it is for your skin! My Clarisonic recently broke and I had to wait a few weeks until I could replace it, and the difference in the appearance in my skin and makeup was unbelievable. My makeup began to look cakey and patchy, and I had to put a lot more effort into getting a perfect looking complexion. Tools such as Clarisonics are expensive, and so another item that I love is the L’Oréal Pro glow exfoliation scrub.

3. Primer

Primer is an often-skipped step in everyone’s makeup routine, especially if you don’t have enough time. I like to think of primer as a base. It perfects everything underneath so that everything on top sits perfectly.  You don’t want to spend all of that time and effort on makeup if you haven’t got the perfect base!

4. How old is your beauty sponge?

A beauty sponge is an absolute must for me! I doubt I would be able to do my makeup if I didn’t have one on hand. It helps to perfectly distribute the product across my face, blend everything seamlessly and soak up any extra product. However, I have noticed that the older the blender, and the more foundation that has gradually accumulated in it, the cakier my foundation looks. Now, it is obviously going to be a very expensive if you buy a new sponge for each application, so I recommend that you clean your sponge after each and every application, so that you can get as much use of the sponge as possible! My favourite sponge is the Real Techniques sponge.

5. Oil

I have always been very apprehensive about adding oil into my beauty routine. My skin type is combination, and so I notice that I can get very oily in my t-zone and on my chin. I used to associate oil with being oily, however, that is not always the case! My favourite oil is the Bleach London Galixir. Rather than just being an oil, it has luminous particles within the oil which helps to give your skin a luminous and dewy look!  I like to mix this oil into my foundation, and sometimes I will add a little to the top of my cheekbones when I want a more natural highlight.


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