New Makeup Favourites

We are two months into 2018, and already the makeup game has started to change! New and amazing products are being released, new trends are being formed and new ideas are being made into reality more frequently than ever. Between the new trend of ‘mixing’ all of your products in a specific category together, to L’Oréal’s new string of amazing products, money cannot leave my bank account fast enough.

The drugstore has some hidden gems, and they have certainly upped their game with regards to the quality of products they are producing. I remember a few years ago struggling to get a foundation to match my pale skin, and now I actually have a choice as to which foundation I would like, and I no longer have to fork over a lot of money for some products, because I can get an even better product at an even better price in Boots!

My new makeup love is the Collection concealer in the shade 00. The only concealer that has ever been light enough for my skin tone in Boots is the NYX concealer, and in all honesty, I hate that concealer! The concealer that I have been using for the past while has been either the Tarte shape tape concealer, or the Doll 10 cream concealer. However, Collection has changed the game with this affordable, medium coverage matte concealer, and I couldn’t be happier!

The other product that has stolen my heart is the new range of L’Oréal primers which consist of an illuminating one, a pore filling one, a mattifying one, a colour correcting one and an anti-fatigue primer. These primers are unbelievable! I actually prefer the pore filling one to the Benefit porefessional primer, and the illuminating one exceeds all of my expectations.

L’Oréal have also launched a new Infallible line of multipurpose stick foundations that can be used for highlighting, blush, foundation and contouring. These foundations retail for £8.99 in Superdrug and they are fantastic! They have a pretty good range of shades with varying undertones, however, the jump between the lightest and the second lightest is pretty big. I am shade 100 and my contour shade is 200, so unfortunately, I cannot buy a lighter to shade to highlight with. However, they do have shimmer shades for strobing, and they also have blusher shades.

Other product recommendations that I have include the new Makeup Revolution Re-loaded palette range, especially the Loaded Newtrals 2 palette! There are fifteen warm neutral eyeshadow shades of amazing quality, and all of it is only £4. There is one shade that isn’t the best (the burnt orange shade), but the rest are absolutely amazing, especially for the price point.

If you guys have any product recommendations that you want me to try or test, please let me know on my social media accounts, and I will happily put the product to the test!

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