Trying To Fit In

Trying to fit in is something that I have always done, but something that I am not very good at. Everywhere I have gone there has been a standard, a normal, an expectation to be a certain way or to look a certain way. I have always been too fat, too blonde, too loud, too smart, too stupid or just too me, and I have never fit the box that people have tried to put me in.

Some people don’t realise just how much of an effect their words can have on you. They don’t realise how those sly glances, evil sniggers and eye rolls can tear you down to nothing, but the good thing is that as much as you are torn down, you can build yourself up bigger and better.

When I started this blog, I started with the mentality that I should be writing a certain way or posting a certain way. Then, it hit me. Why? Why do I have to try to fit in? This blog can be what I want. I can write about what I want, when I want and how I want, because that’s what makes things successful… passion.

This year I have lost my passion for many things, but I have never lost faith in myself. I have been torn down, and I have hit rock bottom, but here I am, babbling away to you, ready to start a new path in my life that is filled with energy and passion.

I have never fit into any box, and neither will this blog. However, that’s what makes people unique. No-one will ever truly fit into a box, and we try to morph ourselves and change ourselves, but all we end up doing is living a lie. I say that we celebrate our individuality and stop being the same, because uniqueness is what makes us beautiful.



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