Valentines Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and love is in the air. Valentine’s day can be a wonderful day for some, or an awful day for others. It can remind you that you’re unhappy in a relationship, that you’re gloriously happy being alone, or that you’re somewhere in-between those two options. Nevertheless, there are many ways to celebrate the day of love, whether you are with someone or not!

I will never forget my first valentine’s day and how much of a train-wreck it was! The day was filled with unrealistic expectations, and ultimately ended up being disappointing and resulting in a fight… not exactly very romantic.

I don’t think you should need a holiday to tell someone how you feel, and you shouldn’t limit those displays to only once a year! It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating valentine’s day with the love of your life, or with your friends, or even by yourself… Everyone deserves to be shown a little love every day.

So, here is my list of five wonderful ways to spend valentine’s day. These things can be done alone if you are interested in a day of self-love, they can be done with a ‘special’ friend if you’re feeling romantic, or they can be done with your friends!

1. Cook a wonderful dinner, light some candles, and watch a movie.

Going out to eat can be more of a hassle than what it’s worth, especially when you can easily spend a fortune on something that isn’t worth it! I think that a proper home cooked meal, a gin and tonic, and a good movie can be more fun and budget friendly!

Some grocery stores offer ‘meal deals’ such as the dine in for two deals, and they often come with a bottle of wine. I have heard wonderful things about the Marks and Spencer’s deal, however, if nothing on the menu tickles your taste buds you can get a large pizza, dough balls, wine and a dessert for under £20.

However, if cooking is something you love some good recipe ideas are a wonderful creamy carbonara, a hearty meatloaf, or maybe a delicious steak. With this idea you have a lot of freedom and choice. You can eat what you want, drink what you’d like and watch whatever movie tickles your fancy, whether it’s Fifty Shades Freed, Funny Face or a good old action movie… the choices are endless!

2. Cabaret?

Going to the cabaret is one of my favourite things to do in Belfast! The performers are unbelievably talented, the staff are really kind, and there are guaranteed laughs all around. You can have a three-course meal and some wonderful drinks, or you could just go for the show, it’s completely up to you! I think that this is a wonderful and fun way to spend your night, whether you are with your best friends or a loved one.

3. Game night

You can do this with a few other couples, or with a large group of friends. Crack out a few board games, a few bottles of wine, order in some pizza and have a ball… Nothing is better than drunk monopoly! The best thing about this idea is that the more ‘traditional’ valentine’s day dates can be stressful and make you feel a bit pressurised. That’s why I love this idea, because it is relaxing and fun. You don’t have to worry about following a dress code or making sure your makeup is perfect. Instead you can spend the night having fun and laughing with your loved ones.

4. Fancy dinner and drinks

It wouldn’t be a list involving Valentine’s Day if there wasn’t a suggestion for a fancy and romantic dinner. However, rather than doing something plain and predictable, make the night fun, make it a night to remember.

You could start at a nice bar for a quick cocktail in somewhere like Muriel’s, and then you could walk to somewhere wonderful and exiting for dinner such as Bertz Jazz Bar, 2 Taps, or maybe even Ginger! Afterwards you could go dancing in Revolution de Cuba, or maybe end up at a nightclub such as Ollies or Limelight if you’re feeling like a good boogie!

Going from place to place can make the night more fun, and doing it with the person/people that mean a lot to you can make the night even better!

5. Recreate your first date/first time you met

This is possibly one of the most simplistic ideas, but it could easily be one of the most romantic. Doing this shows your loved one that not only do you remember that day, but that you treasure it and everything since then.

6. Ice Skating

Ice Skating isn’t the safest option, especially when you are as unbalanced and accident prone as I am, but it could be a very fun option. You could skate around the rink romantically holding hands, or just holding on for fear of dying! You could race around the rink, or just glide around it while watching everyone else fall, and afterwards you could go and play some mini-golf, or maybe you could go for dinner!

For me, days like Valentine’s Day are more about spending quality time with someone than spending a lot of money.  I personally don’t believe in large and lavish gifts, as nice as they may be.  I would prefer to spend my time and money with someone rather than on something… I would rather spend my money on a wonderful memory than a material object.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and I hope that you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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