L’Oréal Paris Infallible​ Foundation Stick and Primer Review



Foundation sticks are a staple in the beauty industry thanks to the Makeup Forever and Hourglass foundation sticks.  They can be incredibly useful as you as buy highlighting shades, contour shades, foundation shades, strobing shades and even some blush shades!  They can be a wonderful product, and if the formula is right, they can be a must-have in a makeup artist or makeup lover’s collection.

Recently L’Oréal Paris has released a range of foundation sticks, primers and full coverage concealers.  L’Oréal has been releasing some amazing products over the past few months, and one of my favourites is the Lash Paradise mascara, and so I had high hopes for these products.

————————–  Primer  ————————–

There are numerous types of primers, but the one that I purchased was the pore refining one.  This primer is magic in a bottle.  I have really bad pores on my nose and chin, and no other primer has been able to dramatically reduce their appearance.

It has a gel formula, but it doesn’t ‘spread or blend’ across the face easily as it gets tacky quite quickly.  I usually just focus this product on the centre of my face, and half a pump is usually all I would use.

I love this primer.  I think that it is much better than the Benefit Porefessional primer, and it is half of the price.  I am keen to try the other primers, especially the luminous primer as it looks fantastic.

————————–  Foundation  ————————–

This foundation is creamy, bendable and relatively pigmented.  It applies as medium coverage, and you can build it up to a fuller coverage if you wish, but it can start to look a little heavy so be careful!

I have a few issues with this foundation, the first one being the shade range.  I have found that most of the L’Oréal foundations run orange, or they don’t have a shade pale enough for me.  There are 12 foundation shades in total, which is ridiculous coming from such a large and established brand.  I purchased shade 100 (the lightest shade) and it is still too dark and very orange.  However, the shade issue gets worse throughout the day as the foundation oxidises.

L’Oréal true match has over 28 shades of varying undertones, however, each shade in the infallible foundation stick line seem to run very orange.  There are massive gaps between each shade, and there are only 3 deeper shades. I think that this is ridiculous, especially with all of the media attention that Tarte has been receiving for the lack of shades in their foundation ranges.

Moving onto the contour shade that I chose.  I decided to purchase shade 200 as a contour shade as it was the coolest shade.  This foundation works well as a contour.  It blends out seamlessly, it is buildable and has a lovely natural finish.  This is one of the better stick contour products that I have used, and I use this product every day.

The last thing that I want to mention about this product is the longevity of this foundation.  On my skin, this foundation gets pretty oily quite quickly and, if I am not careful, I can end up looking really cakey at the end of the day.  My recommendation would be to try using an oil reducing matte primer with this foundation as it really seems to help.

————————–  Overall  ————————–

Unfortunately, I was not able to purchase and try the concealers as there wasn’t a shade suitable for me.

However, my overall thoughts on this range are that the primers are unbelievable and I will continue to repurchase and use the pore-reducing primer.

With regards to the foundation, I will use this foundation when I fake tan as unfortunately, that is the only time that my skin will be that shade.  I wish that L’Oréal would expand this foundation line to accommodate more skin tones (both lighter and deeper tones), and I wish that they would do the same with their concealers.

Below are photos of the 12 different shades available, and these photos have been taken from Boots.com


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I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you have any opinions or questions please leave a comment below!


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