This blog is primarily about makeup, but it is also a place where I can express myself, a place where I can vent and feel safe.  This has become increasingly important to me in the recent weeks.  Why?  Because I no longer feel safe in this country.

Rape is something that is often spoken about but seldom understood.  It is something that petrifies some people but is a joke to others.  To the survivors, the word strikes fear, and to the innocent, it is just a word.

Rape isn’t a small thing, and it is unbelievably complicated.  Rape isn’t just about consent, it is about informed consent, safety and trust.

Just because someone doesn’t say no, doesn’t mean that they say yes

Is alcohol or drugs involved?  Is the person of sound mind?  Are you really making sure they are consenting?  Sometimes people don’t get the opportunity to say no because they are ambushed, knocked out or paralysed with fear.

The rape culture in Northern Ireland has recently come into the spotlight due to a certain individual… Paddy Jackson.  The details of the case are known by the public, and seemingly everyone thinks that he did it, and yet he was found innocent.  Despite the text messages, the statements, the witness… this man was found innocent.

I know that some people are wondering whether she is telling the truth.  They are asking if it was nothing more than a cry for attention, but unfortunately, the results of this trial have affected more than just her.  This trial has affected every victim, every potential victim, and every assailant in the country.

I can’t imagine how that poor girl feels.  The strength it must have taken to open up about that, to speak about it in a courtroom, to live through that experience.  The strength it must have taken to relive that experience, to have your horror story questioned, to have your nightmare made into a joke.

Every victim shed a tear at that result because it was the day that their worst nightmare came true, the day their hope was shattered.  It was the day that they realised that anyone could get away with it, the day that they felt worthless, the day the fear of no-one believing them came true.

Every attacker felt a sigh of relief because if someone could get away with it, why can’t they?

I have never felt more afraid walking around town that what I do right now.  This trial has stripped my hope, my belief in the justice system, and my belief in people.  However, one good thing has come from this… conversation.

Rape has never been talked about more, people have never been as aware as they are now, and as unsafe as everyone feels, at least we can support one another because we are not alone.



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