Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog!

Having a blog has always been a dream of mine, so much so that I launched my first blog when I was eleven years old.

Writing is a passion of mine and so is makeup.  When I was younger I was never allowed to use makeup, but in 2010 on Christmas day my mum bought me a trio eyeshadow compact, clear lipgloss, and clear mascara.  I played with those items everyday on a mission to create the perfect smokey eye.

Over the years my feelings for makeup have grown from being a fun thing to play with, to a way that I express myself.  I have been building my makeup collection, and growing my skill-set since I was eleven years old.  I have went from not knowing how to apply lipstick to being able to do the perfcet cut-crease.

In Northern Ireland the beauty industry has never been the same as it is in various other countries.  However, over the past few years we have started to get brands that were previous inaccessible, brands such as Kat Von D, NYX, Too Faced, Milani and Makeup Forever.

I grew up in a family who don’t really like makeup, and over the years my love for makeup has been a topic of conversation within my family, but my mum has always supported me.  That is why I started this blog.  I am in love with makeup, and I want to share my love and knowledge with everyone.

I really hope you enjoy my blog, and I hope that it gives you some inspiration!