BPerfect Carnival Palette



IMG_1083.jpgSummer is upon us, and so are the stunning trends of colourful eye shadow, rich pigments, and radiant highlighters.  Luckily for us makeup lovers, BPerfect released a new eye shadow palette in July that caters to all of our summer makeup needs and obsessions, and it is at a perfect price as well.


BPerfect is a versatile and innovative beauty brand that was created in 2013 by Brendan McDowell, and it is currently based in Belfast.  Throughout the past five years they have slowly released various products that have turned into makeup-must-haves and national favourites such as their 10-minute tan, LMD palette and now their carnival palette.


The carnival palette does exactly what it says on the tin.  It is a perfectly curated palette consisting of 24 stunningly bright, unique, pigmented and blend-able shades, as well as two beautiful highlighters.


Firstly, let’s talk about the build of the palette.  This palette costs £40, so it isn’t exactly the cheapest option on the market, and when I spend that amount of money on a palette I like to feel as though it’s quality and will be able to travel with it.   The palette itself is durable, thick and definitely on the heavier side… at least twice the weight and width of the Jeffree Star Androgyny palette.


This palette has 17 matte shades, 7 high-pigment shimmers, and 2 highlighters, as well as a good quality mirror and relatively large pan sizes.  There is a good variety of shades ranging from cooler tones, warmer tones and obviously the stunningly bright shades.


Sometimes when you’re working with bright shades they can be a little chalky, hard to blend and they can come together in a bit of a mess.  However, each shade is loud and vibrant in its own right, yet they don’t overpower each other.  Each shade seems to be individually pressed, and so the quality across the palette is very similar with regards to blendability, pigment and staying-power.


You can do virtually any look from this palette thanks to the variety of shades, and they last all day on your eye without a primer.


Overall, I think that this eye shadow palette is a must-have, and it is probably my favourite palette that I have ever owned.  It is more than value for money, especially since each shade works out at £1.7… how could you possibly say no?


New Purchases

This week I have been making a bit of an effort to find some new and exciting products for me to review for you.  I have been frantically searching Superdrug, Debenhams and Boots in hopes of finding some holy grail products, and it seems as though I have been very successful in my mission.

My first stop was Kiko Milano. This is a brand that I have wanted to try for so long but I’ve never got around to it.  I was actually looking for a new foundation to wear to my formal that day, so I guess you could say that I took a serious gamble on this foundation, however it came through!  With help from the wonderful sales lady, I purchased the Skin Tone foundation and the Hydra Pro Glow.  The Skin Tone foundation is a light-medium buildable foundation with a radiant finish.  It builds perfectly, lasts about eight hours and it makes your skin look like skin.  It doesn’t look cakey, it doesn’t crease and it doesn’t become patchy throughout the day.  I can see all of my freckles underneath this, which I love, and it hides all of my imperfections.

The Hydra Pro Glow is a light effect moisturising cream that contains both hyaluronic acid and Actiglow formula.  It gives the skin a perfect luminosity while hydrating it, and when you combine it with the Skin Tone foundation you get the perfect base.

The next item is the Elf Illuminating Setting Mist.  I love this setting mist because it brings the life and the luminosity back to your skin while setting your makeup in place.  I bought it for £5 in Superdrug, and I would honestly spend more on it.

The next new purchase was the Revolution Reloaded Iconic Division eyeshadow palette. This palette is bittersweet for me.  I absolutely love the shade range, there is a lot of variation and some pretty unique shades. However, the formulation is a little inconsistent, especially with the shimmers.  The bronze shimmer is creamy and relatively pigmented, but the green toned shimmer has little pigment, in fact it resembles a pressed glitter than a shimmer shade.  I have tried to use setting spray with it but the shade just isn’t as good as it could be, the same applies to the pink toned shimmer.  The remaining matte shades are good, they last all day, they blend pretty well and they are quite creamy.  For only £5 this palette is an absolute steal.

The last product I am going to talk about is a bit odd.  It’s not that I don’t like the product, it’s just not what I was expecting.  Different highlighters are formulated for different purposes.  Some are chunky, glitter based, shimmer based, and each highlighter gives a different effect. The Elf highlighter in Moonlight Pearls is a more natural highlight than I am used to, but it is absolutely stunning in its own right.  I had read some pretty mixed reviews online, but the most common opinion was that you had to scrape the top layer off it in order to get a good payoff, and that is so true!  When I first tried it out I was unbelievably disappointed, but I used a spoolie to scrape off the top layer and now it is one of my favourite highlights.


My Daily Makeup Routine

Every month and every year there are new and exciting beauty trends.  One day contouring is out, strobing is in, and the glorious lip-gloss trend of the early 2000’s has resurfaced.  Beauty and fashion trends go around in circles, and that’s the beauty of them.

We all watched Megan Markle and Harry’s wedding on the television, and I was especially impressed with her understated and elegant look that has inspired a global ‘make-under’.  In recent years the ‘Instagram makeup trend’ has gained a lot of popularity, and rightfully so.  The perfectly sculpted brows, sharp liners, wispy eyelashes and perfect complexions are a work of art, but that’s the thing…  Makeup is an art form, and our makeup is our medium.

There are so many trends, just as there are types of art, and each one is just as beautiful as the next.

I am quite enjoying the new ‘make-under’ trend, as I am getting rather bored of painting the same picture on my face.  I was once told by a very successful makeup artist that ‘anyone can paint a daisy, and they can paint it whatever colour they like, but a true artist can paint any flower, any colour, with any medium.  That’s what it takes to be a great makeup artist.’

If I am being honest, after years of layering the foundation, concealer and highlighter on, I am finding it difficult to keep things minimalistic.  In fact, it took me a while to get used to using only a few products, and I was rather uncomfortable with it at the start.  I have

managed to reduce my routine to taking only fifteen minutes and using a handful of products.

  1. I usually don’t prime my skin, and instead I ensure that I thoroughly moisturise it with my Your Good Skin daily moisturiser or the Kiko Milano Hydra Pro Glow.
  2. For foundation, I have been loving the Laura Mercier BB cream or the Kiko Milano Skin Tone foundation, and I usually apply that with my Beauty Blender
  3. If I really need concealer I will use my Collection 2000 Lasting Finish concealer or my Revlon concealer. However, recently I haven’t been putting any on because I think it can make the look a little too ‘perfect’.
  4. Next, I apply some Max Factor Crème blush, and I put that on with a duo-fibre stippling brush.
  5. I cream contour with my Sleek Contour Kit in light, and sometimes I will brighten my under eyes with the lighter shades.
  6. Then I set my under-eyes and oily areas with some Ben Nye loose translucent powder, and I use as little of this as possible as I prefer a glowy and natural look.
  7. Next, I sweep some bronzer on my face, and I blend the same shade into the crease of my eye to give a little definition. On the days I want my look to be more dramatic I will blend this under my eyes as well.
  8. Next, I curl my lashes and lightly apply some mascara to my top lashes, and for dramatic effect I will sometimes apply it to my bottom lashes as well.
  9. Lastly, I will apply some Gilded Honey highlight by Laura Geller and spray my face with some Fix + to set everything in place.

You should try this, consider it a challenge.  Try to reduce your routine to as little products as possible, and then comment below how many products you used and how long it took.

Good luck xo


L’Oréal Paris Infallible​ Foundation Stick and Primer Review



Foundation sticks are a staple in the beauty industry thanks to the Makeup Forever and Hourglass foundation sticks.  They can be incredibly useful as you as buy highlighting shades, contour shades, foundation shades, strobing shades and even some blush shades!  They can be a wonderful product, and if the formula is right, they can be a must-have in a makeup artist or makeup lover’s collection.

Recently L’Oréal Paris has released a range of foundation sticks, primers and full coverage concealers.  L’Oréal has been releasing some amazing products over the past few months, and one of my favourites is the Lash Paradise mascara, and so I had high hopes for these products.

————————–  Primer  ————————–

There are numerous types of primers, but the one that I purchased was the pore refining one.  This primer is magic in a bottle.  I have really bad pores on my nose and chin, and no other primer has been able to dramatically reduce their appearance.

It has a gel formula, but it doesn’t ‘spread or blend’ across the face easily as it gets tacky quite quickly.  I usually just focus this product on the centre of my face, and half a pump is usually all I would use.

I love this primer.  I think that it is much better than the Benefit Porefessional primer, and it is half of the price.  I am keen to try the other primers, especially the luminous primer as it looks fantastic.

————————–  Foundation  ————————–

This foundation is creamy, bendable and relatively pigmented.  It applies as medium coverage, and you can build it up to a fuller coverage if you wish, but it can start to look a little heavy so be careful!

I have a few issues with this foundation, the first one being the shade range.  I have found that most of the L’Oréal foundations run orange, or they don’t have a shade pale enough for me.  There are 12 foundation shades in total, which is ridiculous coming from such a large and established brand.  I purchased shade 100 (the lightest shade) and it is still too dark and very orange.  However, the shade issue gets worse throughout the day as the foundation oxidises.

L’Oréal true match has over 28 shades of varying undertones, however, each shade in the infallible foundation stick line seem to run very orange.  There are massive gaps between each shade, and there are only 3 deeper shades. I think that this is ridiculous, especially with all of the media attention that Tarte has been receiving for the lack of shades in their foundation ranges.

Moving onto the contour shade that I chose.  I decided to purchase shade 200 as a contour shade as it was the coolest shade.  This foundation works well as a contour.  It blends out seamlessly, it is buildable and has a lovely natural finish.  This is one of the better stick contour products that I have used, and I use this product every day.

The last thing that I want to mention about this product is the longevity of this foundation.  On my skin, this foundation gets pretty oily quite quickly and, if I am not careful, I can end up looking really cakey at the end of the day.  My recommendation would be to try using an oil reducing matte primer with this foundation as it really seems to help.

————————–  Overall  ————————–

Unfortunately, I was not able to purchase and try the concealers as there wasn’t a shade suitable for me.

However, my overall thoughts on this range are that the primers are unbelievable and I will continue to repurchase and use the pore-reducing primer.

With regards to the foundation, I will use this foundation when I fake tan as unfortunately, that is the only time that my skin will be that shade.  I wish that L’Oréal would expand this foundation line to accommodate more skin tones (both lighter and deeper tones), and I wish that they would do the same with their concealers.

Below are photos of the 12 different shades available, and these photos have been taken from Boots.com


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you have any opinions or questions please leave a comment below!

Five Products I’m Not Repurchasing

Buying something that doesn’t work is disappointing, especially when it’s expensive.  Unfortunately, I sometimes find myself expecting that luxury items are better than their budget alternatives, however, often that isn’t true.   In fact, the majority of my favourite makeup items are from Boots!

This all leads me to a list of products that I am never buying again.  Makeup is specific to the person that wears it, and the way in which you apply it.  These are the products that do not work for my skin, however they do work for others.

  1. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

This foundation has never worked for me.  For some reason, it separates on my face, creases in my lines and gets very patchy.  I bought this foundation after all of the raving reviews on YouTube, and I immediately hated it.

  1. Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

This is another product that just didn’t sit well on my skin.  It separated after only a few hours of wear, and my skin has never looked so cakey and oily in my life!  I also tried the shade 5.25 to contour with, but my skin just looked patchy and awful.  I do think that this is because of my skin, as I know others who absolutely love this foundation, and it looks wonderful on them.

  1. Mac Matte Lipstick

No matter what I do, I cannot seem to get moisture into my lips.  I am always suffering from dry, painful and chapped lips, and it doesn’t matter how much water I drink or how much lip balm I apply.  That is why matte lipsticks usually don’t work for me, however, I find Mac matte lipsticks especially drying.  My lips always end up looking like a scaly mess.  This isn’t because the lipsticks are bad, it’s just because they don’t agree with my skin, and that’s why I usually go for lipsticks with a satin finish.

  1. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder

This product is a cult favourite, and for a good reason.  It is a very finely milled powder, and it certainly does the job, but so do many other loose powders.  I don’t hate this product at all, I have just found that there are other powders out there for cheaper.  My favourite loose powders are the Ben Nye loose powder or the Coty Air spun Loose Powder.

  1. Geurlain L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer

This is a wonderful primer.  Unfortunately for me, my skin has some fine lines and large pores, and when I apply this product I can visibly see those things fade away.  However, my biggest gripe with this product is the price.  I cannot justify spending £47.50 for one bottle of primer, despite the fact that one bottle has lasted me nearly two years.  You can get primers that do more for a cheaper price, and the new L’Oréal primers are an excellent example of this.

Makeup Application Tips

Nothing is worse than a cakey, patchy and messy makeup look, especially when you spend so much time trying to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect! One thing that I have learnt is that more often than not, the mistakes aren’t massive and glaring, and instead it is often tiny blunders that have the largest effect on the final product!

1. Are your brushes clean?

I never used to think very much about cleaning my brushes, and if I am honest, I used to only clean them once a month! However, what I didn’t realise is how much product, dead skin, and general dust and debris gets held within the brush! My makeup always applies much better when I use clean equipment, and this is only something that I have learnt since starting my makeup artistry course.

2. Are you exfoliating?

I have briefly talked about exfoliation on my blog before, but I cannot stress how beneficial it is for your skin! My Clarisonic recently broke and I had to wait a few weeks until I could replace it, and the difference in the appearance in my skin and makeup was unbelievable. My makeup began to look cakey and patchy, and I had to put a lot more effort into getting a perfect looking complexion. Tools such as Clarisonics are expensive, and so another item that I love is the L’Oréal Pro glow exfoliation scrub.

3. Primer

Primer is an often-skipped step in everyone’s makeup routine, especially if you don’t have enough time. I like to think of primer as a base. It perfects everything underneath so that everything on top sits perfectly.  You don’t want to spend all of that time and effort on makeup if you haven’t got the perfect base!

4. How old is your beauty sponge?

A beauty sponge is an absolute must for me! I doubt I would be able to do my makeup if I didn’t have one on hand. It helps to perfectly distribute the product across my face, blend everything seamlessly and soak up any extra product. However, I have noticed that the older the blender, and the more foundation that has gradually accumulated in it, the cakier my foundation looks. Now, it is obviously going to be a very expensive if you buy a new sponge for each application, so I recommend that you clean your sponge after each and every application, so that you can get as much use of the sponge as possible! My favourite sponge is the Real Techniques sponge.

5. Oil

I have always been very apprehensive about adding oil into my beauty routine. My skin type is combination, and so I notice that I can get very oily in my t-zone and on my chin. I used to associate oil with being oily, however, that is not always the case! My favourite oil is the Bleach London Galixir. Rather than just being an oil, it has luminous particles within the oil which helps to give your skin a luminous and dewy look!  I like to mix this oil into my foundation, and sometimes I will add a little to the top of my cheekbones when I want a more natural highlight.

January Monthly Favourites

Oh my goodness! January is what seems like the longest month of the year! That’s why I really love taking some time to myself during the month to relax, pamper myself and unwind a little bit.

For me, winter months are about being cosy, warm and having a little bit of luxury in your life. Winter is the time when we indulge a bit more, and that’s exactly what is reflected in my January monthly favourites.

1. Your Good Skin Comforting Gel Cleanser

At £1.99 this is a complete steal! This is without a doubt the most unbelievable cleanser I have ever used. It removes all of my makeup, and yet leaves my skin silky smooth and perfectly clean. It nourishes your skin while it takes off stubborn makeup, and it has cleared up all of my spots, and left me with clean and clear skin.

2. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue

Underneath my eyes is usually an awful area. They are wrinkled, dehydrated and a general nuisance, and so for Christmas I decided to splurge and treat myself to this little gem. This has a wonderful cooling feeling upon application, and has made my under-eye area as young and youthful as it was before exams existed!

3. L’Oréal Age Perfect Foundation

From these products, I think it’s safe to assume that I have dry skin! However, I find that I need to do more than skincare to maintain a perfectly nourished complexion. This foundation has a gel-like consistence will a medium to full coverage. It leaves the most wonderful and dewy look to the skin, and it lasts about eight hours without needing powdered or freshened up.

4. Rimmel Insta Contour Stick

This little gem blends beautifully on the skin and leaves me looking sculpted and perfectly bronzed. The highlight side of this isn’t amazing, but it is pretty good. I would use this not only for contour, but also for eye makeup looks. If I pop the contour shade in the crease and blend it out, it leaves a stunning bronzy eye look behind. The only downside to this product is the lack of shades. The shades usually run quite warm-toned which isn’t the best for someone as pale as me, and the dark shade isn’t that dark either. I usually use the shade medium.

5. Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Foam

Even in the summer months I am still pale and pasty, so I’m sure you can imagine how pale I look during the winter! That’s how I found this tan, and it’s one of the only fake tans that makes me look bronzed and not orange. One application makes me about one foundation shade darker, which is all I am asking for!